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Press Release

November 25th, 2014


Your Wild World – The First to Bring Multicolor to Consumer 3D Printing

The Parfait printing technique combines vertical color design with custom manufactured filament to enable color printing on most 3D printers that use PLA filament.


Hollis, NH. – November 25, 2014. Today, via Kickstarter, Your Wild World (YWW) announced the first practical method of producing multicolored prints on most filament based consumer 3D printers. The Parfait™ printing technique enables 3D printer users to print multicolor prints using vertical color changes on single head PLA extrusion printers. To achieve this goal there are three steps. First, the objects must be designed with 3D printing and vertical color change in mind. Second, the designer uses YWW’s custom software to determine which colors to use and to precisely specify where each color transition should occur while printing. Third, YWW manufactures a custom strand of multicolor filament that is used to print the multicolor object.

The campaign is a unique use of the Kickstarter platform and is based on the motto ‘3D printing is cool, but 3D printing in multicolor is wild.’ What makes this campaign so unique is that instead of raising money to launch a product, the goal is to find a small number of individuals who will beta test and work with the company to assure that the Parfait™ printing technique works on the most popular consumer 3d printers.

Your Wild World’s Kickstarter asks technically knowledgeable owners of MakerBot, Afinia 3D, Printrbot, MakerGear, FlashForge, Delta 3D and other 3D printers to help them test this new printing method. YWW will send custom manufactured strands of filament and print files to the Kickstarter contributors. The contributors will provide feedback including color registration on the prints. YWW will use this feedback to fine tune their software that determines the proper lengths of each color in a strand of filament.

In contrast to the average Kickstarter campaign, the YWW campaign is looking to cover the costs of manufacturing the test filament and shipping costs. The pledge categories are strictly limited in number and only people who own specific 3D printers qualify to pledge. The goal of the campaign is to make the Parfait™ printing technique compatible across a wide range of consumer printers.

“Our longer term goal is to make color 3D printing so easy and cost effective that it is the rule rather than the exception,” says Megan Moskun, YWW resident artist.


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