Picklomancer Part 2, Eggy Rotten Print of the Day, 3D Printing Documentary to Hit Netflix

The saga continued this morning, with the second installment of our trilogy. We caught a glimpse of what Picklomancer was up to. After raising the dead vegtables from the compost pile, heĀ mischievously replaced them in an unsuspecting fellow’s refrigerator. The comic strip ends with our terrorizing army of undead staring him in the face. Which leads us to the 3D print of the day. Eggy Rotten, the zombie eggplant! Check him out, print him out, and have a laugh on our Thingiverse page.


Eggy Rotten, the undead Eggplant.

Eggy Rotten, the undead Eggplant.


Print the Legend, a feature-winning documentary at SXSW, which documents the competitive rise between companies Makerbot and Formlabs, will be live on Netflix, September 26th. I can’t wait to watch it, and catch a good inside glimpse of the core of our industry. It’s an exciting time to be involved, and seeing content like this hit the mainstream makes it more so. Via 3DPrinterWorld



We won’t be releasing a comic strip tomorrow, instead I will be working on a special project to be released Friday. If all goes as planned, we will have an epic close to our daunting, action packed, mysterious, and thrilling Picklomancer trilogy.


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Lucas Moskun

Song of the day : So now you know – The Horrors





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  1. mary says:

    Thumbs up to song of the day…..and looking forward to Friday…..what has the eggplant done ???

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