FriDIY: Town of Longyearbyen

Ahhhh, Svalbard! Wait… what’s Svalbard? Located in the Arctic Ocean, Svalbard is a Norwegian archipelago home to roughly twenty-six-hundred people. Why do they live on this remote, frozen piece of earth? We’re not exactly sure, but the village of Longyearbyen has some aesthetically pleasing houses that we thought would be perfect for 3D printing! You can find out more on Longyearbyen and see some actual pictures over at its Wikipedia page.

We put together a set of prints to build your own Longyearbyen village, in whatever colors you choose! This is a modular set so you can make as few or as many house plots as you’d like. These come complete with a mountain background and a nice snowbank to put on the front. All of the files for this set can downloaded from this Thingiverse page:

Town of Longyearbyen on Thingiverse

If you want to go the extra mile (or kilometer), as we of course did, you can throw some LEDs inside the houses to give it a really cool look when the lights are off. Check out the gallery at the bottom of the page to see how we dressed up our very own Svalbard town. Enjoy!

P.S. Fun fact: it’s forbidden to die on Svalbard.

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