FriDIY (on a Monday!): Football Kicker Toy


Sorry we missed you all on Friday, but we figured we’d still get up our FriDIY print even if it was on a Monday. If you’re still in the football spirit, as we Patriots fans are, we have a cool new toy for you to build and play with. To Seahawks fans, you may want to ignore this one as you are probably in the depths of despair about your loss and want nothing to do with football right now.

This print is pretty straight forward, everything is provided for you on the Thingiverse page found below except for a rubber band, which we imagine you have laying around somewhere. Snap together our kicking contraption and launch footballs to your heart’s content.

Football Kicker Toy on Thingiverse

Congratulations to the Patriots on their fourth Superbowl win!

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